The Gabbards have united together to preach the Gospel of Christ to the last day generation. The Gabbards are a fourth generation family of preachers and singers carrying on the great heritage of preaching the full gospel message of the new-testament church. Reverend Roy Gabbard began this ministry in 1963 under the direction of the Holy Ghost. Reverend Gabbard and his wife Catherine were led of the Lord to begin a ministry allowing their children to be equipped to minister the gospel. Today their family of 12 children is working to bring victory and deliverance to people everywhere. Seven of their 12 children are ministers who are preaching and singing to uplift the name of Jesus.

The Gabbards Great-Grandfather Abel Gabbard and Grandfather Willie Gabbard were respected preachers in the early 1900’s in the hills of Jackson County, Kentucky. Things that other men ran from, these men would say, “God can and will do that for me.” Great Grandpa practically built a church single handedly by accepting any gift to help buy material. Sometimes someone would give a chicken or a dozen eggs. Great Grandpa would sell them to buy materials for the church. When it was finished there was no mortgage or loan. He had built it by faith in God.

Fifty years later, the Gabbards father, the late Reverend Roy Gabbard was also a great man of faith who found himself in a distant city saying, “God you remember how Grandpa built that church many years ago. I know with your help I can do it today.” We have been blessed with a wonderful heritage. The Gabbards operate two churches in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio including the Uptown Church in Cold Spring, KY that was started in 1970 that God lead us to purchase and the church was completely paid for with $10 pledge envelopes. In 2004 we opened our new Gabbard Tabernacle in Grants Lick, Kentucky that was miraculously paid for before the very first service. In addition to operating the churches, The Gabbards are an evangelistic team which ministers in revivals, camp meetings, and concerts.

The Gabbards are comprised of Gary Gabbard who has been both a Pastor and Preacher for over 40 years and is Sr. Pastor of Uptown Church and Gabbard Tabernacle church. Gary shares his miraculous testimony of deliverance from the hand of death in a drowning accident. His amazing experience of losing then regaining life includes a powerful heavenly visit from the Lord.

Adrian Gabbard has been preaching and singing for over 20 years and is Co-Pastor of The Uptown Church. As a pastor and minister he has dealt with many issues of the Church. His singing is a powerful witness of the Holy Ghost. In revival, Adrian joins the Gabbard team preaching the message of faith in Jesus Christ.

Cathy Gabbard Saunders has excelled in singing and preaching under a heavy anointing. Many have commented on Cathy’s freedom to sing and worship the Lord. Her uncompromising love for the Lord is evidenced when she ministers with authority. Cathy and her husband Jamie Saunders are Pastors of The Gabbard Tabernacle Church.

Gary, Cathy, and Adrian are three of Reverend and Mrs. Gabbard’s children. Rounding out The Gabbards is Rob Gabbard. Rob, son of Gary Gabbard, is the beginning of the fifth generation of Gabbards, and represents the future for the family ministry. Rob is Assistant Pastor of The Uptown Church and music minister at church and he plays piano and runs the sound for the group as well.

Also members of the fifth generation of The Gabbards are Adrian’s son Nathan Gabbard and Cathy’s son Royce Saunders. They have added a fresh new sound with tight family harmonies. The future is bright for The Gabbard Family carrying the Gospel of Christ to many.

The Gabbards are available for revivals, camp meetings, concerts, or any event that offers the opportunity to win souls for Christ through song and spoken word. They believe that the Church is in the Final Conflict with the enemy and the Rapture of the Church will be in our generation. Therefore, they feel a great urgency to help people be free to worship God in spirit and in truth.



The Gabbard Evangelistic Association which is now headquartered in Northern Kentucky was founded in 1963 by Reverend Roy and Catherine Gabbard under the direction of the Holy Ghost.

The first church services of this independent Pentecostal ministry were held in an old school house located on 4 & 12 Mile Road in Alexandria, Kentucky.


The Gabbard Tabernacle was founded in 1965 by Reverend Roy Gabbard. The original building was located on Rifle Range Road in Alexandria, Kentucky. The congregation named the building in his honor since he physically built the building, almost completely on his own, with just the help of one or two men, and his oldest sons.

Over the years as the congregation grew in number the building was expanded. The center section is the original part of the building with additions on either side.


In November 1970 Reverend Gabbard was led by God to start a church in the Over-the-Rhine area of Cincinnati, Ohio. For over 30 years the Uptown Church was located on the corner of McMicken and Vine Streets in Cincinnati.


In March 2003 the new Gabbard Tabernacle was opened in Grants Lick, Kentucky. The Gabbard Tabernacle is located on U.S. Highway 27 South in Grants Lick, Kentucky. This beautiful new church was miraculously paid in full before our very first service. God continues to bless our ministry.


In January 2008 the Uptown Church moved to 118 West 9th Street in Downtown Cincinnati, with renovations to the historic building in progress. A dedication service was held in April 2009 as the congregation moved into the completely renovated sanctuary.


Following the leading of the Spirit, the Uptown Church moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Northern Kentucky in August 2017 to its current location at 6143 Mission Way, Cold Spring, Kentucky.

Today the ministry consists of the Gabbard Tabernacle, The Uptown Church, The Gabbards Southern Gospel Music Group and daily radio broadcasts on various radio stations. Reverend and Mrs. Gabbard’s children are the fourth generation of Pentecostal preachers carrying on the great heritage of preaching the full gospel message of the new testament church.