The Gabbards Annual Homecoming

Jun 10, 2017

Many of you have asked about The Gabbards Homecoming this year and we wanted to let you know what is happening. We have seen a lot of changes in our ministry this year due to the passing of our dear sister and mighty preacher Charlotte. Also Adrian and his wife Christie have both come through serious health problems in the last few months but Praise God they are doing great now! With Adrian’s recovery and with moving our church in Cincinnati to Northern Kentucky, we have decided to not hold the Homecoming Concerts this year. Adrian is still not back to 100% yet from his open heart surgery and we will be moving The Uptown Church in August. We are planning on having some concerts at our church sometime this year so watch for those announcements. We also will not be having tent revivals this year. We are following The Lord’s direction in all of these things so keep praying for his will in all things!